My very first post & I am at a loss as to how to begin!Oh well, here goes…I have contemplated writing a blog for some time now but wondered if the time I put into it would be rewarding enough to continue. Eventually I decided,if nothing else,I would at least have a record of these days/months/years of my boys growing up. I love the idea of scrap booking but to find the space to store the hard copies just makes my head spin!Maybe this is the best way to go,only time will tell. Although primarily for me to record our life day to day, I also hope anyone reading this can take something away from it, whether it be an all important “aha moment” or the more probable giggle at what my boys have gotten up to while mama is typing up their last escapade! I can’t promise it will be awe-inspiring but I will do my utmost to be brutally honest & upfront. To my family & friends in South Africa, part of my inspiration for this blog is to give you more of an insight into our lives here, to be more connected so to speak. And so it begins….


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