Peanut butter swirl Brownies!

Yes, this is a baking post *shock horror* After just saying I wasn’t a successful maker of food 🙂 But, with my sister-in-law heading over with her 2 kiddies tomorrow, I thought it a great chance to hone my skills. Now, being a bit of an addict when it comes to anything with peanut butter & chocolate I trawled pinterest until I happened upon this beauty by …Peanut butter swirl brownies!And at only 130cal a serving – GENIUS! Quick to make, no flour & the option to substitute the milk & sugar (which I did, but I added dark choc chips so I’m guessing its not quite as guilt-free as I would like) I also made 9 individual ones instead of 1 large one but it worked! Yummy & fudgy (is that a real word?hmmm) & I think I may serve it with healthy banana ice-cream, also from pinterest (, for an even yummier morning treat with coffee.

Although I must admit, as I am being honest, I did set off the fire alarm! No kidding, it really did happen!Seems I must have missed a spot of something while cleaning the oven out & it burnt, so as I opened the door a bellow of smoke erupted out, slight exaggeration but you get the idea!Luckily I hadn’t put the brownies in yet. And did I mention my boys were napping while this was all going on…it never rains it pours as the saying goes. But I am happy with the result & I’ll let you know what my SIL thinks tomorrow…as she is just as much a fan of the combination I have faith it will be a hit. And now for the evidence…


Yes, that’s the batter all made up already. Doesn’t look like enough to make 9 servings but it is plenty…


melted peanut butter & choc chips…heaven


End product. Not so pretty to look at but it’s only going to end up mushed inside anyway,right? And no, it’s not burnt, it’s the dark choc chips… I promise 🙂


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