Coffee Fiend

Having both my boys go to an Early Education Center one morning a week (Master 2 goes twice) gives me the opportunity to get a few things done quickly & without fuss. One of those things is my cars warrant of fitness. Seeing as it usually takes up to an hour for them to get it done it is something that can be a nightmare with 2 busy little boys who would loooove nothing more than to run outside between the cars. Add to that the busy main road right outside the testing station & you have a recipe for disaster!But not today…never has getting a WOF done been so relaxing!

Conveniently, Macdonalds is a short 2 min walk away. Not so convenient though was the pissing relentless rain that appeared as soon as I pulled up in front of the testing station!But, never fear, my knight in shining armour bought umbrellas months ago & insisted on putting one in my car for such an occasion Although retrieving it did result in the boot lid closing on me, making a nice wet mark all across my back & causing me to bang my head on the roof as I scrambled to look like it was all planned!Picture the scene, if you will…it’s raining, I’m halfway in the boot & yes, that means 1 knee on the carpet & other leg in the air behind me(it’s a station wagon so the boot is rather large)and the brolly is WAY in the back behind the stroller!The lid bangs shut on my back, I jerk my head up & crash it on the roof!Add the scrambling to get out & you can just insert the appropriate curse word about now(pops, if you’re reading this I said “oh drat” *wink*)

I eventually made it to McDs in 1 relatively dry piece & relished my McCafe coffee, albeit with the aircon blowing right on me (in winter!when it’s raining!waste power much?!)Now, as a rule, I don’t chose McDs for food unless there’s a food shortage in the rest of the countryworld & nothing else is available, although I do tolerate their fries (esp in Holland where they come with mayo & the UK with curry sauce)but I digress…their coffee is to die for! And comparatively cheap. Under $4 for a standard (not small, standard) drink or add a muffin/slice for a $5.50 deal. Now compare it to other coffee shops who charge upwards of $4.50 for the same size, if not smaller, & the deal is even sweeter. My SIL & I try to catch up once every couple of weeks for a decent coffee as our eldest 2 are only 2 months apart & get on wonderfully(MOST of the time). In summer we go to Hamilton Lake as it’s a half way point between our houses & the kids can run around, feed the ducks & run straight towards the water at least a dozen times between them!Needless to say the coffee is well earned!But their coffee & food is daylight robbery, and they CHARGE for fluffies…it’s a bit of foam in an espresso sized cup with maybe a tiny sip of milk in the bottom. And on more than 1 occasion it’s ended up on the floor or rejected altogether. Both of us are habitual drinkers of the flatwhite but we worked out that having a cappachino comes in a slightly larger mug at the same price, due to the froth I’m sure, which makes us feel like we are getting a better deal. All psychological I know…

My favourite place is undoubtedly Hollywood Cafe where their standard drink is $3-$3.30 depending on the location, and you get a FREE muffin!If I have the boys with me they even get a FREE fluffy(babychino) each!!Now how can I pass a deal like that up when I’m in town? Hmmm, I’m glad Hubby won’t be reading this as I’m pretty sure he would be shocked at how much useful knowledge I have on coffee shops. In my defense though, I believe everyone should have a hobby…..

Yes, admittedly I drink FAR too much coffee but I do occasionally have it decaf & with trim milk, that must count for something right?


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