More baking….seriously!

Hey I didn’t say I didn’t like EATING the baking, it’s just the ACTUAL baking I have trouble with! So the “something sweet” Hubby requested last week turned out to be The Best Ever Caramel Slice (their wording not mine) from Woman’s Day magazine. It sounded promising, easy & with minimal ingredients. Even I should be able to get it right, right??

Well, of course, I went to weigh the chocolate chips first & only had 3 quarters of the amount needed!But I had some chocolate Nesquik powder…that could work if I added a little more oil, right?Right! After I had poured it all together I realised I didn’t have anymore coconut!And only 1 tin of condensed milk when the recipe called for 2!Yes, TWO TINS of condensed milk, oh boy this was going to be sweet alright! So a “quick” trip to the closest corner shop(we live in the country so not so much with the “quick trip” to anywhere really) and I was set to go. Turns out I don’t have the correct size slice pan either so I improvised & went with a smaller version so as not to have pancake flat squares if I chose the much bigger 1 I have.

The result: it worked, insomuch as it wasn’t revolting!The biscuit part caught ever so slightly on the edges, the filling layer was quite a bit thicker due to the smaller pan & the chocolate topping wasn’t as chocolaty as it would’ve been had I only used chocolate chips. But other than that it was a success *giggle* Hubby ate it & it definitely qualified as “something sweet” What gets me though is the photo they use along with the recipe


Impressive yes?Well this is how mine turned out..Image

Impressive no!I went onto their website to download the photo instead of having to take a photo of the photo & they don’t even have the recipe like in the mag. They have 2 other versions with less impressive photos so who knows where they poached the above photo from anyways!

This is the actual recipe in the magazine :

1 C plain flour
1/2 C dessicated coconut
1/2 C packed brown sugar
125g butter, melted
Caramel filling:

1/3 C golden syrup

125g melted butter

2 cans (395) sweetened condensed milk

Chocolate topping:

200g Nestle dark or milk chocolate (according to preference)

1 Tbs vegetable oil
 Preheat oven to 180deg C. Lightly grease 18cm x28 cm slice pan. Line the base 7 sides with baking paper
Mix together the dry ingredients for the base and then add the melted butter. Press firmly into pan. Bake 15-20 mins or until slightly brown around edges.

For the filling, place all the ingredients in a pan over low heat and stir constantly until caramel has thickened slightly (usually 7-8 mins). Pour over the cooked base and bake for 20-25 minutes. Remove from oven and cool.

To make topping, gently melt chocolate and oil together until smooth and glossy. When it is completely cooled, spread with chocolate mixture and leave to set. Slice. Makes 16 pieces


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