Smoke without fire

The thermostat in my oven seems to be faulty!I knew something was up when the smoke alarms went off every time I opened the oven door this evening while trying to cook a roast chicken!Even with my sketchy cooking record, chicken it usually the one dish I get right.

I had a sneaky suspicion all was not well about a week or so ago as the light would go on for the oven when I only turned the stove top on. Now, I can see you shaking your head & asking yourself why the hell I didn’t get it sorted out then & there but I wanted to be sure…you know, so as not to have to call the landlord to get an electrician out if it really was just my imagination! Well, after umteen times of almost soiling myself when the alarms shrieked a half dozen times this evening, & having to have every door & window swung open to air out the smoke when its about 4 deg C outside I eventually relented & had Hubby call him. Let me add that he is a wonderful landlord it’s just he’s a little strange & can be hard to read, hence the reason I put off these things until Hubby can do it. So a visit from the electrician on Monday & hopefully all will be well again. Just Sunday’s dinner to sort now…good excuse for takeaway fish & chips I reckon!



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