Cloud Dough

8 cups flour

1 cup baby oil

Mix with your hands

So easy I thought, & the boys will love it. It looks & feels like really soft beach sand. Which can be molded & crumbled again. I’ve tried it once before but I halved the flour to 4 cups but neglected to halve the oil! It was still like sand, just “high tide” sand. You know, the gloopy, sticky kind. The boys weren’t too sold on the idea though. This time it was a spur of the moment activity, to make the most of a sunny(yet freezing) day. As both boys love sandpits & we haven’t got around to buying sand for the 1 we have bought for Master 2’s birthday, I decided to try this again & see if it could entice them to spend a few hours minutes quietly playing together. I started by halving the recipe CORRECTLY, as i didn’t want to waste any if they weren’t going to be interested.

It was so divine to run my hands through. I put it into the large container I have for just such an occasion & added spades, diggers, dumpers etc & demonstrated what could be done with it – mum had more fun, I’m pretty sure of it! It kept them busy for all of 10 minutes before the inevitable happened…Master 1 realised he could dig it up & throw it on the grass

Not to be outdone, Master 2 took it upon himself to dump the dough all over his little brother. Needless to say, things ended in tears (theirs not mine, although I did consider it later in the day, but that’s a story for another day!) Master 1 did smell amazing for the rest of the day though. It rapidly descended into anarchy after that!

The photo doesn’t do the mess justice. It was all down the back of his t shirt, all the way down into his nappy & all through his (ratty, bed head) hair at the back

And then the rain came & it was back inside to wreak some havoc with their other toys. I did bring it out again for Master 1 today & he played for about 5 minutes before he was back to hang off one of my legs!On the whole it wasn’t the great success I was hoping for!

The quiet before the storm

On a different note, I promised photo evidence from my chicken noodle soup debacle experiment last week but have since decided against it…lets just say it resembled cat vomit! Turns out the Udon noodles where a little out of date (May 2010!) so I went with pasta animals I had on hand. Which ended up soaking up most of the liquid…more of a chicken pasta risotto, without the yummy risotto rice! Edible but bland & the boys were anything but amused! Que the trusty peanut butter on toast option!

On a happier note, my oven is fixed*happy little jiggle* Electrician came out while I was at work – lucky for him as I was going to give him a piece of my mind for saying it would be safe to use the stove but not the oven. The cheeky git even had the audacity to suggest to Hubby that the reason for all the spoke was the grease on the stove hobs! Firstly, that wasn’t there when you came out last time thank you very much!It was from me having to cook sausages on the stove you told me would be ok to use as long as I didn’t turn the oven on, resulting in fire alarms etc etc etc And in the resulting drama I neglected to wipe it down (my bad) It annoyed me to think he clearly thought I was not only an incompetent fool, but a dirty 1 at that! *breathe, count to 1050*

And what wonderful,intricate delights did I cook to celebrate having my oven back I hear you ask? Fish fingers, chips, eggs & baked beans(these only Hubby will eat, I have a slight phobia dislike of baked beans ergh)!! Ahh, gotta love lazy weekends, back to the gourmet menu on Monday….


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