Ice Age 4


In our house we, like alot of others I’m sure, are animated movie fans. Hubby, especially, is partial to a bit of cartoon action. Add to that Master 2s dinosaur fixation & you can imagine how popular Ice Age 3 is here! So it was inevitable that we’d be excited when they made number 4. We decided to brave it & take the kids to see it on the weekend. I have taken the boys before so I was marginally confident we would get through it unscathed, especially with 2 adults!

Due to the fact I work weekend mornings, it was decided that I would meet Hubby & boys at the cinema just before it started instead of me going home first. TWO hours of alone time for me *happy little jig* Read coffee & a sandwich in peace, relaxing & people watching without a care in the world…it was wonderful!Oh, & the window shopping. Deal of the century…kids shoes marked down from $29.99 to $2!!! The catch was that they only had 3 pairs left, none in the size I needed. But that didn’t deter me!Oh no, I bought the smallest size(2 sizes too big for Master 2) because how could I pass up a bargain like that!?

The boys were so excited! Master 2 remembered the cinema from the last time so he was literally bouncing off the walls. Turns out Master 1 wasn’t that interested once his popcorn & drink were finished, but we got through it with only the last 10 minutes being a little challenging. Hubby doesn’t handle “challenging” all that well so he will tell you that it was a nightmare – don’t believe him! We of course had to deal with a bit of a meltdown from Master 2 when he realised the movie was finished & we had to go back to the car! After helping Hubby wrestle them into his car, I headed home in the QUIET of my own car.

I won’t go into the drama of the refusal to eat dinner & the subsequent horrendous night that followed(read tantrums & up every hour all through the night!), but let’s just say that those couple of hours at the cinema were worth it. Nothing like seeing the wonderment & absolute joy in the eyes of Master 2 at something so simple. And the movie wasn’t half bad either…


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