Head banger

I had planned on blogging this yesterday but time managed to get by me & it just didn’t happen! So I may even have two posts by this evening!Anyways, here goes…

I bet you’re picturing some heavy metal crap music blaring from our speakers, giving ourselves headaches head banging in our own mosh pit. Sadly, this was not the case! Master 1 decided to kamakazi off some playground equipment 1.5m tall, backwards, hitting the back of his head on the rung of one of those metal climbing ladder thingies they have at most playgrounds!!

I was helping Master 2 climb said ladder(it’s a vertical variation of the normal angled ones)up to where Master 1 was waiting. I was not even a foot away from him! I had been following him around the whole time before this happened, warning him not to go near the many similar drops. He seemed to understand & would curiously look but not venture too close!Until I had my eyes, & hands, on his brother of course!!!

Next thing I know he’s flat on his stomach scurrying towards the edge backwards as if coming down stairs. And before I could reach out to him while still supporting Master 2, he just let go! Dropped like a sack of potatoes with a sickening thud at the bottom.

As he cried immediately I felt a little better, at least he didn’t knock himself out!I dread to think what would’ve happened had he gone face first!But a trip to the A&E was something I couldn’t avoid. Rather be safe I say. So an hour wait in a room full of contagious people to see the doctor was how we spent the rest of the morning’s outing. I won’t go into details of the meltdown Master 2 had when another kid dared play with some of the toys he was also playing with, the accident he had in his undies & the subsequent wails of “wet mum, wet mum”! I had spare undies in the car but no way was I leaving the waiting room in case they called us & we weren’t there & then to lose our spot, so everyone got to listen to the drama, 2 year old style,unfold…at full volume no less! I think it did get us bumped up the list though.

No amount of cuddling or threatening made an iota of difference, so I just rode it out, dragging him into the docs office when it was our turn..such a good look!Once with the doc, all it took was a lollipop from her & all was forgotten! Hey, whatever works right? She did almost cause WW3 though, as she didn’t have another one for Master 1!! 2 min with the actual doc & we were on our way again, WITH a lollipop for Master 1! All is fine, just have to watch him over the next 24-48 hours. He does have one massive egg on the back of his head though!

Oh, & did I mention it was the dreaded grocery shop too, before all this happened? I, of course, forgot to grab some boxes on the way out & only realised once I got to the car! Seriously wasn’t up to going all the way back in, so ended up with a boot full of rolling around groceries. And the million trips I had to make when we got home to unpack!

And I’ve picked up a bug! Either at the doctors rooms or it was already brewing before I went!Argh, everything happens in 3s they say, so hoping this is it for me for the week month year!

Thank you if you managed to finish this long, photo-less post!


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