The Magic of Mike

So I have been meaning to blog about the hamburger rolls I made earlier this week but, combined with my efforts being deemed YUCK by Hubby(although Master 2 disagreed, he’s had 4 to date) & the fact I went to see Magic Mike last night, it was a no-brainer which I chose to blog about!

Now I enjoy a bit of the ol’ eye candy as much as the next woman but I honestly didn’t have very high hopes for this little motion picture. It was more the fact I was going to get out on a “school night”, sans kids & it would include a glass of wine…what more could a girl ask for!?Oh yeah, good female company..check; a cinema filled with woman only..check; Matthew McConaughey in a thong..check; Channing Tatum…check!!



When the opening scene included Channing Tatum’s very lovely behind I knew I had come to the right place. Anyone who went to TVHS may recall the edition of the Viewsion where Miss Cummings was interviewed (I was about Std 6 or 7 I think-don’t even ask me what that is in Grades!) & she explained that a butt just needed to be big enough to fit into your 2 hands(The question she was asked I cannot remember for the life of me but looking back it probably wasn’t appropriate for a high school mag!haha) but that was the first thing that sprang into my mind!Ahhh the memories!

And those of you who enjoy CSI Miami look out for Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) on the left of the picture

Don’t get me wrong, there were no ‘naughty’ scenes just a few “peaks of cheeks” And, surprise surprise the story wasn’t too bad either. Nothing ground breaking but entertaining nonetheless.


Do yourself a favour, grab a few girl friends & go & see it. That’s girls who are friends not for you men to take girlfriends….


2 thoughts on “The Magic of Mike

  1. i guess we both have completely different views on the movie lol thanks for following my blog! @bmlee81

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