Daycare morning = haircut for this mama, it’s been awhile. 5 months to be exact!! Yes yes, I know but there’s always a) something else I’d rather be doing & b) something else I would rather spend my money on. And I only have 1 day a week I can get it done on. Needless to say it’s been easy to go about my business & neglect the bushel that adorns my head. But it’s got to a stage where I even scare the crap out of myself in the mornings!

Despite the belief that women roll out of bed with perfectly coiffed hair & subtlety applied make up every morning (thanks to Hollywood movies) this is in fact, not the case! I know right?That shocked me too! You mean to tell me that my hair & make up(not that I wear any mind you) DOESN’T look like I have a stylist fairy that magically appears overnight!? That’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years!

Joking aside though, my hair has a mind of it’s own ALL THE TIME! Yes, it’s thick & curly which sounds good on paper, but it’s also short Add to that the Waikato humidity….can you say AFRO!!! Hubby has a way of not-so-subtly telling me it’s time for a cut by calling me his afro (for those non SA folk, a “vrou” is afrikaans for “woman” It’s pronounced with an ‘f’ sound- fro!) He of course thinks he’s H.I.L.A.R.O.U.S! Me, not so much! But I do get my own back, someone(no names mentioned) is going grey, which he hates to be reminded off *evil laugh*


No, this is NOT me but the hairstyle is somewhat familiar


Again, NOT me obviously, but that hair could have been mine at some point!

And before you even think it, no I won’t grow it long! It doesn’t suit me AT ALL. Trust me, I prefer walking around with the afro haha I tried it when I was pregnant with Master 2 & let’s just say it wasn’t my most supermodel of moments I can tell you! So I keep it short. It’s also easier for work, I don’t have to worry about wet hair hanging limply in my eyes as I try to teach. Lately though has been a different story, you can just picture my afro half wet from the drenching of kids splashing & half frizzy from the indoor pool humidity, I can hear you giggling about now can’t I??? NICE!

Which brings me to my haircut this morning. Call me cheap, but it kills me to pay a fortune to go to a salon when I can go to Just Cuts & get the same a similar service. I’ve had a pretty good run with them over the last few years, the majority of the hairdressers I’ve landed up with being great. Of course, the one guy I’ve had was awful, creepy & didn’t do a wonderful job, & he was the one at the reception desk when I started to walk towards the door! I expertly veered off towards the escalator, I don’t think he noticed. But I NEEDED to get my hair done so I bravely headed back in & was delighted when he swapped with another of the ladies as I headed in,hmm maybe he did notice my abrupt veering earlier haha

She happened to be South African herself, not that we discussed it but it was a really thick accent, if she picked up on mine she didn’t say. I had high hopes for this one, she had obviously been watching Tabitha’s Salon Takeovers because she asked all the right questions! AND she wasn’t one of those Chatty Cathy types. You know the ones, they babble on & on about the weather,politics & other such crap nonsense. I realise that some people feel uncomfortable with silence & have an ornate need to fill it, but not me! Small talk is not one of my strengths, and, although I am always polite,I dread landing up with one of those. It exhausts me! I’m happy watching people walk past, going about their business & wondering what their story may be…in silence! And besides, it goes so much quicker when they don’t need to keep stopping mid snip to elaborate on whatever drivel they may be spewing at me. Ok, that’s a bit harsh I know & not everyone is a grumpy ol’ cow like me when it comes to small talk, but I’m quite passionate on people not reading hints & body language…rant over.

The exception to this is my mom’s hairdresser in SA, Sally-Jane. She’s a gem. Bubbly & full of chattiness, she’s just so easy to like & makes you want to be chatty!And she does GREAT hair. Oh, & did I mention we share a birthday? Kindred spirits I guess


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