Just for fun…

As I desperately needed to clean out my handbag I thought it would be fun to photograph what exactly was in the Mary Poppins style space. Image

1st off, I was surprised that this was ALL that was in there!I thought for sure I’d pull out a stowaway child or a puppy at the very least! Thankfully this was not the case, turns out the weight is just from actual stuff! I did find a pair of earrings I forgot were in there though, which was a bonus!

Now I know you are wondering what the heck some of this stuff is, I asked myself the same question! The Gu vouchers are a little worse for wear as I CANNOT find anywhere that sells this chocolaty, gooey yumminess! I have resigned myself to the fact they may expire before I do. Same with the wine one..not that I’ve looked properly as I don’t go down that aisle at the supermarket if I can help it. Too many bottles to break if Master 3 looses the plot!

The business cards are from my SILs new business venture, check it out on her facebook page under the same name.

The fuzziness on the phone cover is Master 1s hair. He had his first haircut this week & I’m one of THOSE people who collects mementos like that. I shoved some in my bag while no one was looking, but I can safely say it is now in it’s rightful place.

The plastic gloves & face mask thingy are from the first aid course I did last week. Again, shoved into the far corners of my bag to be sorted out later. I guess they are handy to have, even if they are stored less than hygienically!Gotta be better than bodily fluids right?Right!

Don’t ask about the scissors, I’m still trying to work out how a pair of scissors from our playgroup made its way into my bag!The jury is still out on that one…

The spring looking thingy is a part from the highchair tray Master 1 managed to break  AGES & AGES ago…you know, just in case I pass a shop that may sell a replacement part. Never-mind that Master 1 doesn’t need it anymore, he sits in his highchair up against the main table without a tray.

Everything else is pretty standard for most bags I’m guessing so I won’t bore you with the details. What’s in your bag? Take that as a challenge….


3 thoughts on “Just for fun…

  1. Where are your nappies, wetwipes, spare undies, socks (cos they won’t wear them, so I just keep them in my bag “in case” and then forget about them), flat nappies to clean up spills, etc? I need more than 2msq to lay all my crap out so can’t be bothered!

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