It’s ok to celebrate Christmas in August by buying yourself a gift right? That’s what I thought! Yesterday I just couldn’t pass up the great deal on a sewing machine I saw. It’s something I’ve been toying with for a little while but didn’t want to lay out the expense until I was absolutely certain I wouldn’t lose interest after a few weeks.

Needless to say I’m surprisingly excited by the prospect of no more hand sewing!! Now to find a bit of alone time to try a few easy projects…now I know you’re gleefully rubbing your hands together at the thought of all the comedic activity that is sure to follow! Let me just say that so is Hubby!! Cheeky so & so just laughed at me last night when i had it out, although I think I surprised him by expertly threading the thing & actually sewing in a straight line. Take that! haha

Apologies for the less than exciting post but I had planned to write a little on the Olympic Games but half way through I realised I was boring MYSELF to tears so I scrapped that one. You’re welcome. As much as I LOVE, LOVE the Olympics I’m not sure it lends itself to a great post unless you add loads of funny/sarcasm etc

Anyhoo, my first project is underway (beanbags for the boys to throw at targets, OUTSIDE I might add) so I’m hoping to be done after the kids are asleep tonight…post to follow


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