First sewing project…check!

I started sewing some bean bags & got about 7 ready for ‘beans’, then realised I didn’t have any on hand! Sewing 101, make sure you have ALL supplies BEFORE you start! Being as I am a little on the impatient side I stuffed some rice in one & finished it off so I could at least get Hubby to admire my handiwork. Rice not really being the ideal material to go into something my boys are more than likely going to lob at each other & not keep 100% DRY, I put that project on hold until I can head to the craft store to get something more appropriate.

This left me a little deflated I must admit. And the thought of having to wait until Monday to head into town to pick up some serious sewing supplies was such an anticlimax!Why Monday you ask? It’s the one morning a week I have to myself, sans kiddies. Now here’s where my second attack of impatience occurred…against my better judgement, I headed to Spotlight with the boys to grab some essentials so I could at least get some practice in. AFTER we had already been grocery shopping…they were LESS than impressed! Although Master 3 busied himself running riot between all the fabric so he didn’t mind too much. A few disapproving looks from some old fuddy duddies later we were on our way home, WITHOUT those damned beanbag beans!! But I got some fabric scraps for dirt cheap…just what a beginner needs, so it wasn’t all bad.

Needless to say I was looking forward to nap time which I think these little monkeys could sense!Bouncing around like nobodies business! Then to add to that, Master 3 fall off his plastic bike & hit the corner of his eye on the wooden picnic table minutes before nap time! Instant black eye & very upset little man. A few cuddles later & they were tucked up in bed.


After printing off a quick tutorial for a wet bag/snack bag I got to work. Took me a little while to get it all ready to go but once it was cut, lined up etc it took only a few minutes to come together.

not too much of a close up because it looks better from afar
the inside

I had to use a vinyl table cloth for inside (brand new) as Spotlight staff didn’t know what PUL was, even after I explained it. The zip didn’t quite work out how I imagined & the strap was a little messy. But it seems to have turned out ok,only time will tell….


2 thoughts on “First sewing project…check!

  1. I filled my bean bags with split peas, barley and soy beans and that worked well. They are great for so many activities. Sylvie’s favourites are to make a ‘balance beam’ and a jumping obstacle.

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