higgeldy piggeldy

Def : In utter disorder or confusion; in a jumble; a muddle

This is how the majority of mornings turn out for me. For someone who is NEVER late, & I mean NEVER, this really gets to me! I’m the annoying friend who turns up 5 min early to everything so with the addition of 2 extra little bodies to get ready, this mama sometimes needs more than one strong coffee to calm down to a panic.
I’m sure there are many of you who have a similar predicament. Take this morning…the initial get up & feeding of the troops is relatively stress free. Set them up with a bowl of cereal in front of Sesame Street & I can count on at least 10min to shovel my own brekkie & cup of tea while checking emails & facebook. Hubby always makes me tea in the morning while he is getting himself fed & watered. Which is great,don’t get me wrong, but this woman needs caffeine! No matter how many times I ask him to make coffee instead I always end up with tea ‘coz that’s what he makes for himself & opening a coffee jar on top of ALL he has to do in the morning is clearly just too hard!But I digress…
It’s the getting everything semi presentable before we head out the door that I struggle with. Firstly, I try straighten up the lounge but inevitably come across something that requires a trip to the kitchen, which catches my attention as the dishes need packing away/washing. So I dutifully fill the sink, dump the dishes in, half way get the dry ones packed away at which point I almost break a leg step on a stray toy car! This of course means a trip back to the lounge (where the cars are stored) where I remember I haven’t finished in there yet. Dishes forgotten, it’s the lounges turn again.You can see where this is going right?
Lounge tidyISH, I notice a smell. You know the one, the “someone has dirtied their nappy” one! Which brings me to the realisation that I haven’t dressed the boys yet! A trip to their room to get their clothes & the mess in there catches my eye. It’s a vicious cycle I tell you!
But, kids dressed & no longer a lingering stench in the lounge, I can tick one room off my mental list…for now. Yes, you guessed it, this is usually quickly followed by some sort of emptying of toy boxes all over the floor.But I manage to block it out & press on. A trip to the laundry to deposit dirty pjs & the washing needs to be put on or the dryer emptied or a load to hang on the line…which, if I’m honest, I usually ignore until nap time! It’s easy ‘coz I can close the door & forget about it!
Oh yes, back to the dishes, which are now congealing in their cold, not-so-soapy-anymore water. Refill the sink, put the kettle on as it’s desperately needed, & get the dishes washed at last. If we are heading out, I usually remember to pack snacks about now, back to the boys room to get their bag ready & catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror!Still in pjs!! A mad dash to get myself at least decent looking & remember I put the kettle on ages ago!It needs another boil, but I’m determined to follow through this time!
I sneak past the boys either playing or watching cartoons & sit at the computer to finish what I started earlier. And what do you know, the boys instantly appear at my side wanting to climb all over me. It’s like they can sense the minute I stop moving! Task abandoned I drink on the move, brushing teeth, putting on shoes etc And in the car, all before 9am! The reason I’m addicted to coffee perhaps??
And people reckon you only have baby brain when you’re pregnant?! I’m living proof it has lasting effects for years!!! (NO, I AM DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT! before anyone dares ask!)

2 thoughts on “higgeldy piggeldy

  1. You get all that done before 9??? I suppose that’s what happens when you get up so ridiculously early! Also, maybe Daddy needs coffee in the morning too, if he doesn’t have the wherewithal to open more than one jar!

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