Free bag pattern debacle

Hey it was free & looked doable…a bit on the adventurous side I will admit but I was feeling up to the challenge. Note, all my sewing projects seem to contain the word “challenge”!! It caught my eye & looked so pretty…I really need to start making decisions NOT based on “pretty” methinks. Find the pattern here

free diaper bag pattern tutorial
Looks lovely doesn’t it??Please note that this is NOT the one I made, it’s how mine is SUPPOSED to look…

First off, the pdf looked like it had been drawn freehand as apposed to drawn straight, like with a ruler or something. Not being that up to speed on how patterns are supposed to look I just assumed freehand would be ok. Looks like it worked well for her but not so much for yours truly. The wonky lines produced wonkily (that’s a word, right?) cut fabric..yes, I’m blaming those unstraight (skew if you prefer proper English!) lines for ending up with imperfectly cut lines! Just don’t read previous posts in which I admit, oh wait, never mind! moving on…

Despite that, I followed the instructions & helpful pictures really closely I thought. And by the way, sewing on the bottom was a BITCH. I don’t know how many times I pinned & repinned it just wouldn’t line up properly. I just fluffed my way through it & ended up sacrificing a teeny, tiny bit of the shape  so I consider that a win. Turns out randomly sewing in places has an effect on the overall outcome! *wink*

Time to turn the main bag (without lining) the right side out….holes in the seams BUGGER! That darn fabric slipping fairy has been at it again! But never fear, random sewing to the rescue. All good to go for the final step, sewing in the lining.

Very straight forward, even for me, I thought. Well, this NUMPTY sewed with the straps hanging in the wrong place. Over the lining instead of between it & the main bag! Needless to say I was spitting mad at myself! A whole lot of unpicking later & a mental kick up the butt, I was ready for round 2. Ahhh success, albeit having forgotten to sew in the closure tab!! I shit you not! It fall onto the floor while I was unpicking & out of sight, out of mind!


The front of the bag


Back pocket


Front pocket


oops,no closure tab


Master 3 has claimed it for himself

Thinking I may tackle something a little less of a challenge for my next project.


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