Or not! I had been planning on writing a post about how some parents are in the habit of always competing against others with stories about how wonderful & advanced their own kids are blah blah blah I just couldn’t do it, it just annoys me so much that I couldn’t even write about it without throwing up in my mouth! (Tmi?hmmm maybe, but it does give you a graphic visual of my annoyance, does it not?*wink*)

So instead I’m posting about my latest love…Spirulina smoothies. No, that isn’t sarcasm, I actually do love love love them! Having taken it in tablet form years ago while swimming competitively, I have been wanting to get back on it as there are so many benefits. But to be honest, that smell when you open the pill container still haunts me! Needless to say I had been procrastinating. Until I was inspired reading my “cousin’s” blog (the family connection is convoluted & through marriage so lets just say we are cousins to make it simple).

She made this yummy sounding smoothie I knew I had to try. Off to buy Spirulina powder the very next day & it was on special…almost half price! It was obviously just meant to be! I made it with rice milk instead as I find it slightly sweeter than almond milk. And I added 1 cup instead of half a cup as I wanted it thinner in consistency. I also added 1 tbls of Greek yogurt.

Before I added the Spirulina I removed a little for Master 3 as I knew he wouldn’t entertain the idea if it looked too different (ie GREEN) to what he deems normal. Admittedly it did look like milk so I thought I’d get away with it…he gamely took a sip without batting an eye & then almost had heart failure! Scraping it off his tongue & declaring it “sies milk” (yuck milk). Master 1 was all go with the green stuff! Surprisingly he has got less enthused about it over time. From half a cup full the first time to only a few sips to only having his lips touch the liquid twice this morning! I make it exactly the same every time, maybe it’s time to add another fruit!


Go ahead & try it! Consider that a challenge, & let me know what you think. (it is on special at Chartwell, the health place upstairs by the food court. But I’m sure loads of places would have it too)

I’m working on a sewing project I know you are dying  to hear about, but you will need to wait a little while longer for that debacle  adventure!


5 thoughts on “Inspirational…

  1. Benedict used to guzzle down spirulina and baby rice (before we knew baby rice is about as good as sugar). I won’t touch the stuff since stupidly trying to acquire the taste in a first trimester and spewing it frequently. Don’t you find the texture ewy?

  2. texture of the rice milk or the spiralina? The milk is the same texture as cows milk(although maybe slightly thicker) & the spiralina powder dissolves/mixes in so its a perfect combination for a smoothie I find 🙂 Unless you are talking about the baby rice in which case yes, the texture is ewy(but NOT in the smoothie thankfully haha )

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