I wish I could say the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’ve been crazy busy with important, inspirational stuff. Truth be told I’ve just been too lazy! We have had Master 1 hammered by a cold this past week so sleep has been allusive to say the least.

Add to that the craft show my SIL & I went to over the weekend, a hearing test for Master 3,& the general humdrum of a week with two grumpy kids, and the time has just flown by (ps not always in a good way either!)

Master 1 is currently singing to himself when he should in fact be asleep!But I have banana cake in the oven so all is right with the world. I guess I should wait for it to be done before I get too excited, going by past experiences…

I’m keen to get started on a couple of things with the fabric I got over the weekend. Watch this space…


UPDATE: The Banana cake was yummy & moist…but I’m glad I didn’t check the calorie count before I had a piece!I got 16 squarish pieces from it at over 300cal PER small PIECE!!!! It was over 5000cal for the whole cake, including the frosting. Feel even better that most of the cake was eaten by others! Probably won’t make it again just for that reason, there are far ‘healthier’ versions that taste just as yummy (I used to calculate the calories)


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