Friday Water Fun

Both my boys are water babies through & through. Anything to do with water & I can distract from even the worst tantrums. It is not uncommon in our house to be in the bath at 4pm…”witching” hour!Or even “helping” mum “cook”…Although this usually ends up with me having twice as much to do, what with wiping up the floor,inside the cupboards etc etc But I can guarantee PEACE while I’m trying to make dinner!


Master 3 is always asking to get up to the sink to play so this morning, to take advantage of the sun, I thought I’d attempt a “water wall”. These have been making an appearance on a number of blogs I read so I was inspired.

Fridays are usually our “stay at home & attempt the week’s housework” day, by which I mean I attempt to tidy/clean & the boys follow behind me making more of a mess than was already there! This “water wall” was going to be my saving grace & allow me to get LOADS done…or so I thought!

Firstly, raiding the garage for supplies turned out to be a disappointment…no funnels/pipes/containers or anything usable (Hubby is a plumber for goodness sake!!You’d except great things from this wouldn’t you!?) But I did find the world’s largest stash of zip-ties! I went scratching around in the “greenhouse” & came up with a few plant buckets, you know the ones, they have holes in the bottom for water to drain. I sacrificed some of my kitchen funnels & we had enough to make some fun!



Not 30 seconds after I managed to sneak inside the screaming started, turns out Master (Almost) 2 had decided it would be more fun to dump water on his brother’s head & then run like hell! Needless to say this didn’t go down too well! I managed to distract Master (Almost) 2 with another bucket filled with soapy water & a sponge for him to wash his bike. Guess who wanted to do that too?So it turned into a washing of bikes game. Until I added some warm water…


He jumped in before I even realised his intentions! Although he did get out for me to put him in his togs…


Master 3 now has the cleanest bike in town!This kept them busy for about an hour!Of course I couldn’t do the housework after Master (Almost) 2 decided to climb in, what with supervising & everything, NOT that I needed much of an excuse to bump it to the bottom of my list. So a coffee was totally the thing to do at the time.

It did get rather chilly though so we ended up wrapped up warm, watching Sharks Tale & having an early lunch. A perfect morning….especially since minimal housework got done!

And yes, Master 3 chose his own outfit this morning…



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