Sewing delights

Yes, that’s right, I have been sewing again. Actually, I haven’t stopped but the latest 2 projects have been for my niece’s birthday & since my SIL reads this, I decided to hold off posting until after her party. Considerate don’t you think?Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise now would I?

First up, I saw this cute idea on pinterest (how did we manage to get inspired BEFORE pinterest?!?!) I’m sure there are many different versions out there but this seemed easy & I’m a sucker when there’s easy/peasy/simple or other such winners in the title of a pattern! Of course I didn’t save the website I found it on in all my excitement but I will keep searching so I can give the correct credit.

I pretty much made up the measurements myself, based on the size of the colouring-in book I bought. A few pockets cut from a pillow case, add some cardboard (which I covered in vinyl so it can be spilled on & wiped without making the cardboard soggy & resulting in a whole lot of unpicking of stitches. Quite proud of THAT idea let me tell you LOL) Once I worked out what I wanted to include in this little art carrier it was pretty plain sailing. Until I got to putting it all together & sewing a spine to cover the raw edges. Seems I must have pulled a little too tightly because after it was all complete & I went to put  the crayons into their individual pockets, they wouldn’t all fit! But, disaster avoided by a quick trip to the shop for smaller crayons. Next time I’ll leave more fabric for the pockets! You’re never too old to learn they say.

Next up, a skirt. The obvious accompaniment to a “colouring-in case” I thought! I searched for an easy pattern/tutorial & came across hundreds (literally!). As per usual I forgot to pin the one I eventually chose to try, which is the WHOLE point of pinterest I hear you shout at the computer screen! I know, I know but once I get something into my head all else falls by the wayside. I did end up finding it here eventually…

Having been to the Arts & Crafts show over the weekend I was itching to use some of the fabric I got (admittedly, I only bought 3 Fat Quarters but nonetheless…) Not thinking ahead, all my fabric is pretty boy oriented so I was in a bit of a panic, how did THAT happen, I must have picked up dozens of girly ones! But never fear,my little stash from my opshop adventure provided a perfect match to one of my more neutral fabrics. I even changed it up a bit so I could add the patterned fabric at the sides of the skirt. Again, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself *wink* I used a pair of Master 3’s pants as a waist size guide & Master (Almost) 2’s as a length guide & away I went. I even got to use the fabric marker pen I bought at the show!I diligently followed the tutorial, even ironing when I had too!!And it was so easy! Admittedly, I don’t sew as straight as I would like to but I think it worked out pretty well anyway. Neither of my boys would entertain the idea of modelling it once I’d finished, maybe because I told them it was for Miss Niece…you learn from your mistakes! Hubby was horrified I’d even entertained the idea of putting HIS boys in a skirt! If only he could see them at playgroup..pushing prams,feeding dolls etc etc


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