Water works

Once again our morning was filled with water. Although the boys usually have swimming classes on a Wednesday,I decided snotty noses & grumpy kids just don’t gel together with swimming. So we improvised. Painting ice cubes in the sun!


As Master 3 claimed the paint, Master(Almost) 2 was left with another improvisation piece…


Not that he minded, he was having a ball squirting the bubbles everywhere (it was empty of shampoo, just the dregs left clinging to the inside). Including his brother!


And then Master (Almost) 2 got hold of the paint…


Chasing bubbles was fun…until Mum got light-headed from all the blowing!(And the bubbles didn’t come out in the photos!You’ll just have to trust me that that’s what he is doing here)



Who can resist when they ask to bake. By “they” I mean Master 3. He is always asking to “make cake” but luckily he doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets to help. As tomorrow is grocery shopping day you can imagine the cupboards are a little on the lean side. But some mixed nuts were hiding out behind a few canned beans so I whizzed those up into nut butter, added coconut,chocolate hail & sprinkles & popped them in the oven for 10min. They were a hit!


Making Mum a “cake” while waiting for the cookies to be done.



One thought on “Water works

  1. I absolutely love all the ideas that you come up with to keep the boys entertained and the improvising for the baking! Looking forward to the next post x

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