JPEG of The Week (plus some writing)

I was going to have this photo speak for itself, but then I came to my senses and had second thoughts!I had pinned this idea on pinterest & was waiting for the opportunity to try it out. Today seemed like a good enough time as any. Now it’s advertised as The Burning Face Mask on her blog,so probably not the best marketing strategy if you just happened to come across it randomly, but the photo on pinterest says “acne scars be-gone face mask” which does grab your attention. I’ve never tried any homemade beauty treatments so I was interested to see how it would go.

Verdict: definitely not the most attractive looking treatment but it did taste good! Hey, it kept dripping onto my top lip!What’s a girl to do!? Note to self: don’t heat the honey up first, makes the mask too runny.I used lime juice instead as I didn’t have any lemon juice(I DID, however, realise we have a lemon TREE outside AFTER I had applied the mask!Give me a break, it has been a LOOOONNNGGG morning) so it didn’t really burn much, a slight tingle at a push. And it did start to itch about 15minutes into the recommended half hour. Definitely refreshing, especially if you sit in a slight breeze outside! My skin did feel wonderful afterwards too! Supposed to do it up to 3 times a week for maximum benefits so I’ll have another go this weekend. In the mean time I hope like hell it doesn’t cause a breakout!

hmmm attractive no?

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