Going to the “Yoo”

My first Sat morning off in ages, the sun is shining & the boys are driving me up the wall(Hubby wasn’t home either!) so I decided to brave the tantrums & head for the Zoo. Master 3 was very intrigued by the concept of “the yoo”…I told him we would see animals there & I don’t think he’s ever moved so fast to get ready, EVER!

Now, truth be told, I’m not a major fan of Zoos. Not because I don’t like animals but because I always feel sorry for the monkeys! They are so human-like, especially the Chimps, & usually look pretty sad or pissed off! But, having been to the Singapore Zoo earlier this year and seen what an amazing set up they have for their animals…no cages but enclosures that are separated from the public by moats & 1 thin electric wire for the more adventurous animals (and a glass wall at the most for the public to view the lions etc!) and all the activities they have set up to keep boredom at bay for the animals, my faith in the Zoo system was somewhat restored.

With that in mind, I packed up the kitchen sink kids stuff & headed off for the morning. They loved it! Especially Master 3 as he got to walk & chose where we went next. What kid wouldn’t love all that ‘control’?



Checking out the reptiles (no snakes thankfully!!)


Rhinos! Although they were both more interested in the rhino poo! (ewww poos mum!) Such boys!



It wouldn’t be a proper outing unless we stopped to rest weary legs & refuel…



We didn’t even get to see all the animals as, after about 2 hours of walking around, little legs were getting a little weary & I could sense that a tantrum wasn’t far off so we headed home. Which did involve a teeny, tiny bit of bribery I’ll have to admit! Needless to say Master 3 didn’t nap all day & Master (Almost) 2 only had about 40 min….yes, we are currently experiencing MAJOR MELTDOWNS but I’m trying to look inconspicuous here in the corner. ps It isn’t working!


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