What better way to kick off the week than with a run, right?Oh, I can think of soooooo many more things I would chose to do instead! Mostly involving shopping/caffeine/chilling on the couch (I could go on!) but I have decided that I am going to at least try & get fitter this summer. I was inspired by my brother’s new blog when he started it a few weeks ago but have had every excuse NOT to get started…. time,kids,sickness,the weather(again, I could go on!) Oh, & don’t mention it to my brother…we wouldn’t want him to get a big head now! Jokes aside, head over & have a read…he knows his stuff.

And then yesterday, I was with a friend drinking coffee & eating biscuits, & her daughter headed out for a 17km run…AND came back less than 2 hours later looking like she’d just had a stroll in the park!People, there were hills involved!!!Contemplating what I planned to do (while chomping on the new caramel Aero if I’m going to be honest)I decided the easiest thing would be to run. No equipment needed, no money to be spent & more importantly, no excuses! I did actually look into buying a treadmill a few weeks ago but, as we have next to no spare floor space in our little matchbox of a house, it just wouldn’t be practical. I would end up stashing it behind/under something & then it would become a hassle to get it out every other day. Then to join a gym costs money & I would only be able to go a maximum of 2-3 times a week due to us living 20km from the nearest one & having the kids all day. There is only one gym in town that has a daycare type facility for the boys & it’s price reflects that!

With that in mind I put my exercise clothes on under my normal attire, dropped the boys at Kindy, back home to drop off the car & ‘normal attire’ & headed straight out for my run walk/jog. That way there was no chance to change my mind! The house was a tip, the washing not done & dishes sat congealing in the sink but I turned a blind eye…which wasn’t difficult to be fair! Now, I haven’t jogged in over a year & a half so I planned on taking it easy. There’s nothing worse than overdoing it on the first day & then not being able to move for days (been there, done that!).

4.5km, give or take a few meters, was the route I took. As we live on a BUSY main road, just getting to the quieter back road is sometimes workout enough!Trucks fly by on the narrow road with hardly any shoulder & can catch you unawares…especially the ones who refuse to move an inch! So I ended up walking in the drainage ditch until I got to the quieter farm road. The only drawback of a road bordered by farms?The cow shit smell! Nothing like breathing deeply (huffing & puffing in my case) & the “fresh” air is tinged with that smell! And the drainage ditches here are filled with stagnant water….can you say midges!?Breathe through your mouth too often & in fly a cluster of them…hmmm, extra protein I guess. And then there are the flies…thankfully only when it gets really hot & the cows are right by the road. Other than that it’s a fairly pleasant route *grin*

I actually managed to jog just over 3km without stopping! Those of you posting on Facebook about your 30min(slight exaggeration??) 10km ‘jogs’ can shove it up your derriere , that’s just bragging & no one likes a bragger *I am, of course, only joking, lest some of you take offence* I haven’t stopped moving since I finished(in 38min I’ll have you know…the bragging comment doesn’t apply to me of course) ‘coz I don’t want that lactic acid to have any excuse to pool! You know how it goes…straight after exercise all you want to do is sit & recuperate, but try & get up again & EVERY part of your body aches! Even sitting here typing I am jiggling my legs.

I won’t bore you with the elaborate details but I must admit I’m feeling great…I even followed my shower with the burning face mask (with lemon this time,a little more of a  burning sensation than the lime but nothing major, in case you were wondering) & a spirulina smoothie. What with the boys being at Kindy this morning & now in bed napping, I’m having a great day *grin*

Although I have now probably just jinxed myself…moving on. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into one of those blogs where I brag about every bit of exercise I do & how much weight fall off(I can dream!) or how many cm’s have miraculously melted away. I thought I’d briefly jot it down so I hold myself accountable, and by default you do too! I know you now expect me to run a marathon or something silly like that *again, don’t get offended, I really am only joking* but you will find yourself disappointed *grin*


One thought on “Fitness…

  1. What, no marathons? What kind of African are you? (Says the African who never does anything more than the odd bit of pilates. And vacuuming/everything with Ambrose on her back.)

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