Rainbow rice & more

How to kill time when the weather isn’t exactly keeping up it’s end of the bargain, so this Mama doesn’t end up with 2 bored kiddies? RAINBOW RICE! So easy to make up…I didn’t follow online instructions that said to prepare it the night before, like I’m EVER that prepared! Some say add rubbing alcohol or vinegar before adding the colouring…I say be like me & just throw some rice into a ziplock bag, add a few drops (or if, like me, you get a little heavy handed & the colouring gushes in, just add more rice) and shake/rub until all the rice is covered. Pour onto a plate or bowl or whatever you have handy to dry for a few minutes. Repeat with however many colours you want. In my case I used 4 colours with 1 bag of rice. Add a few scoops/toys/cars etc etc PUT THE KIDS OUTSIDE (this is important,trust me!I have learnt from experience) I have a large plastic tray thingy that I put this sort of thing into so they have a larger area to play without losing all the fun materials on the grass in the first 5 minutes.

2 of everything of course!

This was a spur of the moment idea at 7.15am this morning, by 8am they were dressed & playing with it outside while I had my coffee & took photos. THAT’S how easy & quick this is to do. I don’t use too much rice as it usually ends up being thrown all over the place but today we managed to keep 99% of it…ah–mazing! I haven’t done this activity with them for months so I was fascinated to see how they would play with it this time.  Master 3 was particularly captivated…usually he will spend 10min TOPS on an activity but he was busy for an hour. An hour!! Master (Almost) 2 wasn’t that enthusiastic after the initial 10min or so. He played right near to his brother though but, more often than not, it was to size up the exact moment he could swipe to cause maximum destruction & then run like hell. Master 3 handled it pretty well considering his track record, although he managed to clout Master (Almost)2 a beauty at one point. It just wouldn’t be the same if every game didn’t end in tears I say!




Standing at the ready…

Nothing like adding playdoh to the mix!

I still can’t believe that NONE of that rice ended up outside that plastic tub…yet! I have it ready for them again for later today if they’re interested.

They weren’t interested in helping me make pancakes for morning tea, they sat at the table expectantly, watching me slave away. I thought I’d try whipped Coconut cream as a supposedly healthier alternative to normal whipped cream, to go with the banana & honey topping…turns out coconut cream is a pain in the buttocks to whip! I have an electric hand beater & could only get it to the consistency of thick, frothy milk…I had it going for almost 20min before I gave up. The boys weren’t interested in it so I tried some & threw the rest(luckily I only used about a quarter of the tin so not all was wasted)Yes, it’s the white stuff in the photo below.


I did put them to work while I cleared up…


And, despite the chilly weather, the morning wouldn’t have been complete without some watery fun!The water is warm in case you’re wondering…



They lasted 20min before I popped them into a nice hot shower. And, just like that, the morning was over, it was lunch time swiftly followed by a nap!Ahhhh, coffee time…


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