The Sapphires

Yes, it was that time again…Chicks at The Flicks, the best event ever! Ok, slight exaggeration I’ll admit, but  to have a couple of hours out of the house by myself with a few friends once a month is pure bliss. Even the not-the-best-brand of wine they serve tastes sweeter when I’m with adult company & the Gu dessert…OMG!

The movie last night was The Sapphires. To be honest, it really didn’t look like my kind of movie, but I didn’t let THAT stop me from getting out! I’m always skeptical with “homegrown” movies (ok,ok it’s an Australian film not a Kiwi one but we’re close enough neighbours for it to be classed as “homegrown”…I’m guessing you Ozzies will disagree, but just deal with it *wink*)

The Sapphires Poster

I was really surprised…it was good! Inspired by true events it was a feelgood comedy…although they did sneakily add some tear-jerker moments. I don’t like to be surprised by those! At one point it went from funny-romantic-devastatingly sad(hmmm ok, probably just sad) in the space of 20 seconds & totally caught everyone off guard! Thankfully they only keep you in this awful space for about 10min & then all is right with the world again.

The Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, who plays the talent scout is brilliant. By no means a “Brad Pitt”(he’s still my celebrity crush so you’ll have to forgive me) but is just so cute in this movie you have to love him. The acting was a tiny bit ‘iffy’ in some parts but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it! Despite it being set during the Vietnam War, there isn’t alot of focus on the actual war but rather the people around the singers who happen to be IN THE VICINITY of war. (I hope that makes sense without disrespecting the soldiers etc who fought, I just mean it wasn’t a ‘war film’ as such)And yes, you Australian Idols nuts  fans, that is Jessica Mauboy from the fourth(?) season.

Definitely worth a see if you’re looking for something easy to watch…


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