Just weekend stuff

I would like to have a post that starts off with “look at all the gardening I did this weekend” but, sadly, I doubt that would happen..EVER! To say I don’t have the passion for gardening is a slight understatement, to say I detest it is closer to the truth. Not that I don’t like reaping the benefits of our own veges & herbs..I do, & I gladly eat them, but I prefer the taste of said veges & herbs when Hubby plants them(and waters them etc etc). Lazy, right?! Some people find it relaxing to toil in their gardens, I’m not one of them…I blame my parents, it’s got to be their fault right? *hi mom, hi dad. I love you haha* Luckily Hubby loves his garden, although I think he mostly uses it as an excuse to get out of the house sometimes (“gotta water the plants” gets flung over his shoulder as he exits the door at high speed, leaving the boys to me at ‘witching hour’ )As this post actually has nothing to do with gardening, but rather my desire to be interested in such productive things, I’ll move on…

What I do enjoy doing at night, once the boys are in bed, is easy sewing projects. This weekend I managed to whip up Christmas stockings for the boys!I took my lead from the shops who all have their Christmas stock out already, and not even October yet(ignoring the fact that in less than 8 hours it will be). I didn’t have any Christmas themed fabric when I saw the pattern onpinterest so I just made do with what I had. Some left over red from Miss Niece’s skirt, a kids pillow case I had lying around, a fat quarter I bought at the Craft Show & a couple of felt letters. I followed the instructions & ended up with these…(just need to add the ribbon so they can hang up)

The boys have no concept other than the shops look pretty & Santa is a “snow man” according to Master 3. He corrects me every time I mention Santa! So we’ll see how it goes this year. 85 days people, 85 days.

On a different note, the boys went with Hubby to a birthday party on Saturday while I was at work…unlike Dragon Lady here, Hubby lets the boys eat/drink whatever they can find just so he can keep the peace & not be the only uncool parent (his words!)I mean really!? Nothing like a sugar rush & crash to make a weekend great. Thankfully they weren’t too bad once they got home to me & they seemed to have a great time (who wouldn’t when you’re allowed coke & fanta!!)

burning off the last of my energy

so tired now

The weather has been great & allowed alot of outside play…

Bob the Builder

Yay for summer…


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