Through the eyes of a child…

…especially 1 who couldn’t believe his luck at being given Mum’s camera! A long story involving Master 3’s speech delay & a course I am on in order to better help him develop his speech & language, which I won’t go in to now, but part of the course involves video sessions where I am taped in an interaction with him, practicing the strategies etc etc which we can then view & analyse. All good…until it turns out our turn happens during the school holidays & Master (Almost) 2 will be home too! But I lived in hope that he would be easily entertained by one of the language therapists while we were being taped by the other. Rookie mistake right there people!From the moment he opened his eyes that morning, he was so clingy I didn’t know how I was even going to get ready, let alone whip up another batch of playdoh for our “interaction”(the old stuff had been left outside the night before in the rain!) The first batch turned out so well, Master 3 wanted to play with it immediately. Keep him busy at least, I thought…rookie mistake number 2! He decided to “wash it” with water from his drink bottle! Ever tried playing with wet playdoh?!It was semi saved by the addition of more flour but it wasn’t going to make the cut, so out came all the ingredients again for round 2!

When it came to crunch time, Master (Almost 2) wouldn’t have a bar of being away from me so he became part of the filming & Master 3 was NOT AT ALL interested in the awesome, silky playdoh I had slaved over…TWICE! He was far more interested in the video camera being used & refused flat out to do anything else. So I bit the bullet & brought out my own camera…I was soooo popular! Needless to say he was as happy as the proverbial pig  but to try & improvise the strategies so I at least looked like I had been working on them was hard work! But we I got through it relatively unscathed & lived to tell the tale. Below are samples of the genius photography skills of my 3 year old. I had to leave out all the cleavage shots…his father’s child! And also the ones that made me look a little too much like a psycho drunk, which was most of them!

Alot of these feet/floor shots…

A few headless shots…


Another one…


He did manage to catch this cutie pie hanging off me…

And this about summed up the morning perfectly! And, yes, that is food colouring on my fingers from making the playdoh!


2 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a child…

  1. awesome… we let our oldest (when he was about 2)use our ‘old’ digital camera when we got a new one. He took it with him to take pictures of..whatever. And some, er, many looked like the ones you have. But the most interesting thing was the point of view…obviously, he is much shorter than us adults, but the many of the pictures were just hilarious! (others were quite good!)

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