Octopus sausages..

A strange title I’ll admit, but it’s straight to the point. Having seen the idea on a friend’s facebook page I decided to try it. Maybe Master 3 could be fooled into eating spaghetti pasta I thought!

Master 3 certainly enjoyed the preparation part…

cut into smaller pieces…

Poke raw spaghetti through the pieces…

so much concentration


Hmmm, not the prettiest of dishes but Master (Almost) 2 thought it was yummy! Notice how my targeted child was left out of that sentence! As predicted, Master 3 wasn’t impressed with the presentation! He declared it yuck without even trying it so I removed the ‘tentacles’ and he deigned to nibble. Not the roaring success I had hoped for but he did eat a whole pile pf potato & kumera (sweet potato) mash AND some peas & carrots (although, in fairness,the amount equated to a teaspoon fill I’d guess…but I’ll take what I can get!)


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