Cauliflower aversion…

Yip, I avoid cauliflower like the plague…even the itty bitty pieces in stews etc etc I just can’t get past the texture. My philosophy has always been if I want to chomp on trees I’ll head outside & gnaw on the closest branch! Broccoli I tolerate because I know it’s good for me & can usually be disguised or hidden totally in a meal. But the same can’t be said for the dreaded cauli, it even looks like a disease! Hubby loves the stuff & will even eat it raw! The boys will attempt small pieces as long as I tell them its from the trees outside & that’s where birds play. For whatever reason it satisfies them & they eat away…whatever works right??

And then I saw this on pinterest…

Buffalo wing cauliflower! I headed to  to read the recipe & thought I might try it out (I’m not sure what quite came over me at this point to be honest!) And then I remembered seeing it on a friends vegan blog awhile back. It was a sign…I had to try it!(minus the old-feet cheese sauce of course!) And while I was there I grabbed her edamame bean dip recipe as I had most of the ingredients already. I did leave out the miso as I didn’t have any & probably wouldn’t use it much again anyways. Surprise surprise it was delish!!!

Back to the cauliflower…I made my own buttermilk (1 cup milk, 1 tbls white vinegar, leave to sit for 5min), added the flour, tossed the cauli through to coat well & cooked. Then came the peri peri sauce with butter (eeeeek) & a few more minutes of cooking & voila!! Wait for it people…it was yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shit you not. The hot sauce was perfect for it, I would probably cook it a little bit longer just to make it a tiny bit softer. And it was even a hit with Hubby(boys weren’t too keen but it was quite spicy so I don’t blame them really) The dip not so much….more for me I say!

I entered the ingredients on sparkpeople for both recipes to get nutritional info. The cauliflower recipes made 4 servings at 241cal per serve but upwards of 1000mg of salt PER SERVE! Maybe a lower sodium sauce next time & possibly without the butter, still not sure what it’s purpose was. And the dip also makes 4 serves, at 205cal per serve. 1 serve each & a couple of rice cakes was a great light dinner (for me. Hubby & the boys had lamb too)

Definitely something I would repeat, especially the cauliflower one! Bet you didn’t see THAT coming after reading the first paragraph!



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