All rained out…

I took today off work & had a wonderful day out planned for us… first up, a visit to the local market which is very new to the area. This was only the second time it was on & I had to miss the first one due to work. And then we were going to head over to the beach for the afternoon. But, you guessed it, it damn-well rained! We still took a drive past it as we headed into town to get a couple of things done instead, and noticed it was heaving!All the stalls under awnings of course & then people all in waterproof gear strolling around. I should have guessed, what with it being a farming community & all. We contemplated stopping right then but took the chance it would clear up a bit later on our way home. We should have known better!!!!

curtesy of

After our little jaunt around town the boys were getting antsy & demanding to be let out, as you do after being stuck in your carseat for 2 hours! We planned on just heading home but, on driving past the markets again & seeing they were still going strong, Hubby skidded skillfully pulled into a car park & we unloaded ourselves. Only for the heavens to open right then!We were already out of the car & didn’t fancy having to tell the boys we had to get straight back in again so we pulled on our jackets & set off. The boys were already kitted out in rain coats & wellies so they thought it was simply great!Hubby,not so much…guess who wore a warm jacket but with NO HOOD (cough, dumb-ass,cough) And the man hates the rain, you’d think he’d melt or something!

We walked rather quickly around & were impressed with what was on offer. Although a few were already packed up or in the process of packing, who could blame them really. Hubby was appeased when he happened upon the Pirongia Butcher man…very highly spoken of & someone Hubby has always wanted to meet (haha see what i did there?ok ok, it was lame I’ll admit). By meet I mean taste his wares, he wasn’t actually interested in the man himself! And damn, was his lamb sausage delish! Of course, the boys spotted cupcakes so all the way around we heard “cake,cake” so in the name of peace we found little gingerbread people & both boys chose pink lady ones & not the blue boys ones!haha I didn’t even get to have a coffee as the rain was REALLY pelting & we were all but soaked. The boys were having none of the suggestion we head home but, as we’re bigger & stronger, we manhandled  carried them & dumped deposited them into the car. I tried to take photos but no one in the car was in the mood to pose for me…how rude, I thought! So just take my word for it that we were drenched.

A quick change of clothes & lunch and all happiness was restored. We were worried at one point that our little cottage would either be blown or washed away…or both!What crazy weather…hope it improves for next weekend, Master (Almost) 2’s birthday party!!! Stay tuned for that, fingers crossed it all works out as planned (I haven’t done a lot of planning to be fair, but nothing like leaving it until the last minute…I work best under pressure anyway!) My SIL designed the invites & other party goodness so  I don’t have to worry about any of that & at least I know it will look all spiffy & professional. Head to her website to check out all the awesomeness of what she does (K, I’ll take payment in peanut butter chocolate *wink*)


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