Friendly shop assistants

We have all been faced with at least one of these so-called friendly shop assistants. I’m talking literally & not sarcastically here, people. The ones who make it their mission to sell you anything & everything they can…otherwise known as the “pushy, annoying, in-your-face shop assistant”. You walk into a shop & before you’ve even crossed the threshold one of them has materialized out of nowhere, wanting to know what you’re looking for & how can they help. Now, I appreciate the friendly smile & generic “how’s your day going” question but I really can manage on my own. If there is anything I need help with or a question I want to ask…guess what? I’ll find YOU, it shouldn’t be hard to do now should it? Some of you may disagree, I’ve certainly had more than 1 experience of never finding someone to help when you need it, but on the whole I prefer to be left alone to go about my business. Yesterday, the woman at the book store must have been bored because she pounced & was trying to sell me every Thomas the Tank Engine book/toy in the place when she saw me browsing at the kids books. How do you end a conversation like that if she hangs around watching you??I’ll tell you how…just buy the damn thing & beat it out of there!

Today, the guy at the petrol station almost caused me to get a little violent! I asked for $15 petrol & he said “you don’t want to upgrade to $20?” NO!I would’ve ASKED for $20 if that’s what I wanted. Then “can I interest you in anything else?coffee?chocolate?” NO! I would’ve ASKED for that if I wanted any. And then, hold on to your hats people, “maybe one of our kites?” SERIOUSLY dude, all I want is $15 of  *@#% petrol!!! But instead of flying off my rocker at him I smiled sweetly & said “no, I’d probably fly off in this wind” AND THEN “oh, that’s hardly likely” in a  how-stupid-are-you-woman kind of tone!

And then there’s the trolley guy at Pak ‘n Save…EVERY week he sees me & the kids walking into the shop & EVERY week he says “a couple of rugby forwards you got there ma’am” & EVERY week I agree, smiling sweetly. (Granted, I do think he’s a little special & probably doesn’t remember us from week to week) And lets not forget the till operators who feel the need to fill the silence with conversation. Me, I’m quite comfortable in silence. I much prefer it to trying to make small talk with someone I don’t know. Just scan my groceries & let me get on with my day. Oh, & one day I had a Countdown till operator tell me how her colleague at the next till  was suffering from a really bad skin condition!How she could barely move as it was so raw & oozing! I shit you not! Although I was very glad I had her instead of the scabby woman on the next till! Needless to say I’m loving the do-it-yourself checkouts!


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