Birthday Boy!

And, just like that, my baby turns 2!!Not that he knows what all the fuss is about though, to him it’s just another day but with cake…lots & lots of cake! Oh, & jelly…turns out he’s just a little bit addicted to the stuff! We had his party yesterday & he wasn’t really interested in opening any of his presents. Granted, the first one he got his mits on had 2 chocolate bars & a model motorbike in it…I reckon he thought nothing could beat THAT so he didn’t bother with the rest!(Truth be told he won’t be getting the chocolate, or at least not more than a bite…I think he’s had about enough sugar to last a lifetime!) So we took the rest home for him to open today.

The weather was great yesterday…the only day in more than a week that it didn’t rain!We had it at the playgroup hall, that way I don’t have to worry about having my house tidy beforehand or cleaning up afterwards!There are enough toys etc that all the kids can play without fighting over one toy & there is plenty of space to run around & leave the adults to chat & drink coffee (or beer in the case of the men!) It also frees me up not to have to organise games or entertainment…what more could I ask for really?Although, this time, I did provide water balloons but only because it tied in with the theme “Firetruck”

I got alot of food ideas off Pinterest that worked with the theme too & my SIL designed the invites & other party prints (

I think my BIL almost choked when I asked him if he was enjoying his Fireman’s Hose!

I’m pretty sure the Birthday Boy at the majority of these jellies!

Flaming Jelly & Fiery Fruit inspired from here 

“Wildfire Sauce” & “911 Sauce” (inspired from here)

Can you believe I didn’t get a good picture of the cake?!This is from my phone (Inspired from here)

Everytime I turned my back while getting everything ready, this happened…

Miss Niece had the same idea…

Notice the blue bike tucked securely in his hand

Cupcakes…YUM! Master 2 & Miss Niece having themselves some sugar

Master 3 has things sussed!

Master 2 “chatting” to Mister Nephew

Master 2 was more interested in the jelly than blowing out his candle…but Master 3 had it covered!


Yet MORE jelly (And yes, the tshirt matched the occasion)



It all became a bit much for Master Nephew. Nothing a few zzzz’s couldn’t fix



All the food is in my tummy mom!






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