Strawberries & sun…

If you were a bird would you be fooled into thinking that these were strawberries???

No? Yeah, I didn’t think so either but once I’d put them in the strawberry patch, they actually looked ok. Provided the birds are “shape blind” as apposed to colour blind that is!

The theory is that the birds will go for the ripe looking “fruit” & get the rocks and then when the real fruit is ripe, the birds won’t bother as they will think they are rocks! Genius idea off pinterest, although their rocks were decidedly more realistic!

Admittedly, I have left it a little late as our strawberries have started to ripen at a steady rate so who knows if this will work. Fingers crossed! Although if it’s not the damn birds its the ants so I am researching the best way to go about it this year. Last year we had loads of berries but only about half were edible due to the above pests! If you’ve had any luck with a specific idea/product etc please let me know (chemicals are not an option though so only organic/natural products)

And the sun is shining today!*happy little jig* So the boys got to play with one of  Master 2’s birthday presents

And yes, I blew that up by myself…no foot pump or anything!

Throwing & catching

All in all a beautiful morning in the sun!


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