Ahhh yes, the unique breed of human, commonly known as the teenager, is a law unto themselves! The early bloomers,surly& full of attitude on one side and the squeaky voiced, lanky nerds on the other. Although, nowadays, you can never be sure who belongs where thanks to so-called cool oversize glasses & Justin Bieber hair! Now I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what bought this subject about, what with my boys only being 2& 3 years old. Well, I was walking in the mall yesterday afternoon behind a group of 4 teens. I wish now I had taken a photo of them but there were far too many people about to make it look inconspicuous. So I had to trust myself to remember what they were wearing (not the smartest idea let me tell you!) 1 stands out though…peach coloured skinny jeans, oversize tshirt  with scalloped front & back, and then a cardy over the top of that! People, this was a teenage BOY!! This is not an isolated incident either. The mall was teaming with them. Those that weren’t wearing long tshirts had their undies showing as the skinny jeans just couldn’t do all the work.I guess I’m showing my age, but I know I’m not alone in thinking “pull your pants up you idiot!” I would never ACTUALLY say anything ‘coz that would be totally uncool & I have my street cred to worry about, but it sure doesn’t stop me thinking it!

Now, granted, I was once a teenager too & I’m sure I did or said things that would make me cringe now but I can say I never bothered much about keeping up in the fashion department. Oh, I wasn’t totally uncool, I had the basic “must have items” but only if I deemed them acceptable to wear. I had standards you know! *wink* Saying that, I do remember a very unfortunate time of dungarees & plaid shirts, both of which I owned but thankfully the majority of my peers did too…

This post is just a random rambling really, all I wanted to do was to express my amazement that boys think it’s cool to wear peach coloured skinny jeans, or ANY colour skinny jeans for that matter. Yes, I know, I’m TOTALLY uncool! It just seems like these days, teens are more “into” the androgynous look than the hunky muscles look…I can tell you which I preferred as a teen, and it certainly wasn’t the former! Boys needed to look like they stepped out of a Baywatch episode, not a Justin Bieber concert!Amazing how things can change in less than a generation!

One day I will have to deal with my own boys being teenagers, it’s inevitable, but hopefully they will both be trend setters & not sheep! Or maybe I will just home school them so they won’t be slaves to peer-pressure! I can handle pretty much anything, but skinny jeans, on boys….???? That may be one step too far for this mama!

pic curtesy of sunshinemeg.blogspot.com


pic curtesy of sodahead.com


2 thoughts on “Teenagers

  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t like skinny jeans at all really, but I’d much, much rather see them on my daughter and her girl friends then on boys. And yet, sadly, I see them on boys all the time…sigh! And the colorful ones! Argh!

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