Head in a book!

Ahhh, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a book I’ve enjoyed so much that I just couldn’t put it down. Having always been an avid reader, it has gradually slipped by the wayside since having my boys. When I get into a good book, everything else ceases to exist…a small problem when there are babies who refuse to be ignored, hence the wayside slippage these past 3 years. I have, of course, still been reading but only when time permits. I end up getting books that are going to be an easy quick read, or ones that are (auto)biographical. These are best as I can put them down & leave for days at a time before picking them up again to continue without feeling the need to consume the book in one go!

Fast forward to this past weekend & a desire to start the Twilight series. I know I know, you’re either cheering because you’ve been telling me for years to read them or you’re cringing & wondering how I could have slipped so far down in your estimations in under 30 seconds! You can thank/blame my SIL. The next Chicks at the Flicks is the last installment in the saga & I wasn’t planning on going as I have only seen the first movie & wasn’t fussed with it. She “encouraged” me to come with her & a couple of other friends & how could I say no when there is wine & chocolate involved!?! So I decided to bight the bullet & hire all 4 movies to catch up on the story. 2 days, 4 movies & I was hooked (no child or husband was neglected in the slight obsession to get through them as fast as possible, I’m just lucky the boys still sleep for 2 hours every afternoon…& that Hubby was preoccupied with his motorbike!)

The next logical step was to read the books, of course, as EVERYONE knows the book is always better than the movie! So a trip to the library on Friday resulted in the 1st two books & I was addicted! Conveniently, Hubby’s friend came around on Fri night so they could drool over said motorbike (or whatever it is men do in sheds with bikes!) so I was able to curl up on the couch for the evening after the kids were in bed. Not even X Factor could hold my attention much (slipped some more in your estimations now haven’t I??). I finished it sometime on Sat, sitting with the boys while they watched a DVD…& who said TV doesn’t have it’s uses? I even took them to the park in the morning to try & tire them out even more so they would have a nice long afternoon nap.Needless to say dinner was a non-event, Hubby was out so the boys & I had toast, fruit & strawberry cupcakes. I was one popular mama I can tell you. I did let them bake the cupcakes & lick the bowl too so I was definitely favourite parent of the day!





Sunday morning I worked so no time was spent with my head buried in a book  but darling Hubby did cook dinner so I could carrying on reading after the boys woke from their nap… I think he remembered what I used to be like when I got started on a book so he figured he better cook if he wanted to eat before midnight! He then brought me a glass of wine & entertained the boys! Although they were quite happy jumping up on the bed with their own books for a bit, & playing on the floor by my feet. It felt so good to do something just for me! With everyone else just getting on with things quite happily. Which never happens!Although I think I overdid it a little as I only climbed into bed at midnight, having still not finished book 2.

Not many people “get it” when I say I literally can’t put a book down (I have been known to strain my eyes to the point of blood vessels bursting, but that hasn’t happened since I read the Harry Potter series the first time years ago! *grin*) I equate it to watching a good movie…if every minute of a movie was equivalent to 1 page in a book, could you suddenly stop watching after 23 minutes & not wonder what was coming next, & not want to continue watching to the end? How about those movies that are so bad but you keep watching just to see the end?Same goes for a book, just because it takes longer to get to the end doesn’t make it any easier not to want to know what happens as soon as possible.

I did finally finish it on Monday while the boys were at Kindy, although you will be pleased to know I did at least get out of the house to have coffee & a catch up with a friend! And, for the first time in many years, a library has let me down…books 3 & 4 were either already loaned out, or being repaired!! I mean, really, hasn’t everyone read them already? I thought for sure I’d be one of the last people to fall under it’s spell so to speak, but no, seems there are others out there that are newcomers to the Cullens/Blacks/Swans, or who enjoy re-reading them. Trade Me to the rescue! I managed to find them cheap & now it’s just the wait for them to turn up in the post! Give me a chance to catch up on the housework!!!


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