Roundup of the week

Due to the fact I have been using every spare minute to get through the Twilight books I have had little time to do much else. And while the boys are awake I can hardly sit quietly in a corner reading…not because I would feel guilty(ok,maybe a little!) but because the best way to get my kids attention is to sit down. Suddenly they will pour into the room from wherever they were just playing,oblivious to me until I stop moving around! It’s like a homing device!So I have had to keep my reading under wraps until they are either napping or in bed for the night. And, true to form, this week they have not slept very well at nap time & then they have been lying in their room wide awake until at least 8.30pm every night! Watch that change now that I am finished the books! Lil monkeys!!

Housework around these parts has been scarce I have to admit. I’ve only done enough to keep it ticking over. In other words, the washing & the dishes! Oh & a little vacuuming thrown in too for good measure. Monday was supposed to be my catch up day for housework with the boys at Kindy. Note I say “supposed to”…I ended up splashing out on a haircut WITH highlights Woohoo I feel human again! It was waaaaay better than housework I can tell you. Maybe next week…

We have been out quite a bit this week to the shops, not because the boys particularly like the shops (except if we stop for a fluffy treat!) but because the weather has been shocking & they have been driving me bonkers trapped indoors. Oh, & it’s allowed me to scout for Christmas pressies! Note I say “scout” & not buy…only Mister Nephew has an actual gift so far! Besides stocking fillers of course, those are done at least. I even bought the boys Advent calendars this year. They both chose which one they wanted & now we wait eagerly for the 1st of Dec. I have had to put them out of sight though as they kept wanting to walk around with them. They have NO idea the glorious surprise awaiting them under each flap either so I’m pretty sure, after the 1st day, I’m going to have to put them up high again!

Master 3 is fascinated with all the Christmas decorations around the shops & insists they belong to the “snowman”! Well, I guess Santa does resemble a snowman to some degree. He especially loves the giant Christmas tree at The Base so everyday he asks to go to the “Red Door” (aka The Warehouse) so he can see it. We are planning to take them there one night when the lights are on so he can see it in a different light, so to speak. Master 2 is more interested in trying to pull the decorative balls off the tree of course…my little silent ninja!

Master 2 learning to be gentle

Today I pulled out our tree as I got sick of making excuses why we couldn’t go to the Base…a little early if you ask me but it’s only been up an hour & I foresee it not lasting ’til tomorrow anyways! I bought cheap $2 plastic balls so I wouldn’t have to worry about them pulling the good ones off the tree. Master 3 was very helpful & gentle putting it up, Master 2 NOT SO MUCH! Master 3 has taken it upon himself to be the guardian of said tree, so every few minutes I hear a stern NO, followed by either a giggle from Master 2 as he runs off or a howl of frustration from Master 3 as his demand is ignored!Ahhhh, what I have I done…hopefully Master 2 loses interest soon.



We did manage to venture to the park at the Lake this morning too for a bit of a run around AKA burn off some energy so we don’t drive mum loopy! Master 3 made a friend who he managed to drag around (not literally!) while we were there, which didn’t impress Master 2 one bit. He’s not used to sharing his big brother with other kids…it’s usually the 2 of them against the world! Even if I’m telling one of them off for hurting/not sharing etc etc with the other, they will suddenly forget the dispute & gang up on me for telling the other off! Geez…I’ve been told a number of times this week “mum go to work”! Which has swiftly been followed by tears if I say “fine!” & grab my car keys. Bring on summer & long days outside I say…

Oh, and one of the advantages of being a swimming teacher…having private access to the indoor pool once lessons are finished for the morning. I did redeem myself in their eyes for that little treat on Wednesday. We were only there for half an hour but it was enough to stimulate them & turn their bad moods into smiles. Win win I say. And,as they can stand in the shallow area & do it all for themselves, they were even more excited. I only had to float/sit around close enough to Master 2 as he’s not that wonderful at regaining his feet yet when he falls over. All that excitement plus all that splashing around = exhausted boys = NAP TIME = mommy time!

After my post on Twilight it was suggested to me to try Vampire Dairies or True Blood. I was able to get my hands on True Blood (First Series only) & I have watched 1 full episode & about half the second. I’m not so sure just yet, a little raunchy for these innocent eyes if you ask me. But I’ll keep going & see how I feel after a couple more episodes. After all, Anna Paquin is a Kiwi & she does have an Oscar, so it can’t really be THAT bad can it…? Excuse me while I go off to make a coffee, grab a bikkie & head off to finish that 2nd episode before the boys wake up!



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