Movie night!

Yup, it was that time of the month again last night…Chicks at the Flicks! Breaking Dawn p2! Having blitzed through the other movies & all of the books in under a month in preparation, 7pm rolled around & it was finally time get to our vampire on. I had heard mixed reviews from friends who had already seen it so I went in not knowing what to expect. Despite reading the book & knowing how it SHOULD end, there was a rumor floating around about a twist. I will say no more on that though!

Now, I honestly can’t say that it was the best movie of the saga because it wasn’t, but it did justice to the book at least. Which is hard as there is soooooo much that couldn’t possibly translate into the movie but actually makes the characters much more interesting & dynamic. I found the characters quite lacking in the movie due to this. Although, I do prefer the movie Bella to the book one. She is quite a needy character in the book, a damsel in-too-much distress if you ask me, but as they can’t really put all her thoughts etc from the book into the movie she comes across quite the strong, silent type. Quite an improvement! It’s always interesting to see how different characters come across differently to everyone, & how the actors interpret & portray them. And when your image of them coincides with the actor’s portrayal, it can be quite magical (*cough, Edward, cough*) And when it doesn’t, what a let-down (*cough, Jacob,cough*)

There were a couple of LOL moments too, listen out for the Romanians…dodgy ass accents, and for Aro’s delighted(I’m assuming, it was hard to tell) laugh…you will know exactly what I mean when you get to that part! So random!

As is always the case though, the books are far superior & I am glad I read them AFTER I had seen the 1st 4 movies, which makes me wonder if I would have raved about the last movie if I’d waited to read the last part of the book instead. I will never know I suppose, so I will just have to re-watch & re-read them all again at some point I guess…not that I need an excuse!

Maybe the Vampire Diaries next? I’m not so sure I could endure more of the True Blood series, although I am curious where the story goes. They cleverly ended series 1 on a bit of a cliffhanger! I might just leave it until winter though, the sun has finally made it out for more than a few hours at a time & there is far too much to do outside!


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