I Heart Free Coffee!

Now I know I’ve prattled on about my slight addiction fondness for good coffee numerous times before, but have I mentioned how much yummier it is when it’s free??? I can assure you that that’s an actual scientific fact. Or it should be! Every noticed how a meal is more delish when someone else cooks? Even toast is tastier when you don’t have to make it yourself! Maybe it’s just me, but I always enjoy something more when I’ve had as little involvement as possible. Lazy? Don’t be absurd!!

Same applies to coffee, it’s somehow more fragrant/luxurious (hey, I’m running out of adjectives!) when it’s free. I try to only use coupons etc for when I’m by myself or with other coffee addicts connoisseurs. That way I can take my time & savour every sip of it.

This morning was one of those days!*happy little jig* A free-coffee coupon from Esquires – usually out of my price range at $5.80 for a tall flat white ($4.90 for a regular, which is what I would normally get when it’s not free!) I prefer Hollywood café’s $3.30 for a regular coffee PLUS 2 free fluffies PLUS 1 free muffin. And, to be honest, the more expensive coffee is no better or worse than the reasonably priced one!

Now my favourite coffee is Starbucks, maybe because I “discovered” them at a very awesome time of my life…travelling overseas after finishing high school, young & carefree! But now only as a treat every once in a while due to their inflated prices. BUT, after going in there to redeem another coupon before the movies last week, I read that they are freezing their prices.  May just be my next “treat day” treat…their spiced pumpkin latte has my name ALL OVER IT!

In my head this post seemed longer, turns out I was wrong…


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