Why so quiet?

It’s been pretty quiet around here without my computer…not a good time of year to have it in for repairs! Of course they have been bogged down with repair jobs so mine is still in the Q to be seen by a technician, and they are on leave until the new year! Not cool people, not cool!

I have had my mobile phone to at least receive emails and such, but I really miss my computer, what on earth did we do before technology??!! Luckily I had only just upgraded to a wireless router in time for my parents visit so have been able to access the Internet via their iPad. No photos though unless I take the time to load them straight on here from my phone which has proven to be a little on the “pain in the butt” side so I haven’t really bothered. My apologies for the lack of good material *wink*

As I mentioned before, my parents are here visiting so we have been busy busy busy. The boys have been spoilt with all the extra attention and we are loving having them here. Christmas was great….I’ll blog photos once my computer comes back.

Sewing projects have been put on the back burner for the moment while only a few baking successes have been recorded, but I’ll post about those soon. You’re excited I can tell!

Until then, have yourself a great weekend….


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