Road Trip, the Final…

The last couple of days we spent with a friend in Dargaville. We stopped to see Tane Mahuta, “Lord of The Forest”, the largest Kauri tree known to stand today. It’s measurements are Trunk girth: 13.77 m Trunk Height : 17.68 m Total Height: 51.2 m Trunk volume: 244.5 m³ Quite Impressive to see.


Doesn’t do the size justice

Then on to Dargaville


Smallest church in NZ.



An afternoon spent at Kai Iwi Lakes was just what the doctor ordered. A bit of a drive from where we were staying but totally worth it. 


Kai Iwi Lakes


chasing Oupa


Snack time


Trying to teach him how to take a sip without back-washing!


so cute

The boys loved staying on my friends farm….ducks, chickens, horses, cats, dogs & a quad bike!! We managed to get through 2 days without breaking anything, although Master 3 did take it upon himself to mark his territory on one of her rugs! The boys got to have a ride on the quad bike with Hubby & on the horse with “man”, my friend’s hubby. Both boys insisted on calling him “man” the whole time we were there. Both would say “Mike” when one of us said it but when we asked them who he was they reverted back to “man”. It was a great end to our trip, we were fed like kings & came home with a few jars of her preserves etc Marmalade to die for! Thanks Liz!


Look at him holding so gently on the horse


He wasn’t too keen at first


On our way home


So comfy

All in all it was a fab holiday. We were all pretty exhausted by the end but poor ol’ Hubby was our designated driver so he was extra tired 😉


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