Oh so miserable indeed…

At the risk of sounding dreadfully un-cultured, I have to admit I yawned my way through Les Miserables last night.

That’s not to say it was a total bore, Anne Hathaway sang a brilliant “I dreamed a dream”, who knew the girl could pelt it out like that!?! And the other main songs were also well done, but the singing-in-place-of-talking bit was something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to.

One particular part where Russell Crowe’s character was singing about catching Hugh Jackman’s character & putting him in jail blah blah blah was supposed to be all threatening & manly but when put to gentle uplifting music it kind of got lost in translation! The best bits were those with Sacha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter…a little comic relief amongst all the serious stuff! Admittedly, the story itself isn’t so bad, just not my cup of tea with all the inbetween singing. See,I’m sure I’m missing all the actual meanings behind the characters etc etc but I’ve just never enjoyed that sort of thing. Studying poetry at high school with all it’s stupid double/triple meanings was the height of boredom & I never did very well as a result. Maybe I’m just not that deep.

And did I miss something somewhere, it’s supposed to be a French film,so what’s with the little cockney boy??


2 thoughts on “Oh so miserable indeed…

  1. Pleb! lol. Yeah I think you missed quite a lot. So did Russell Crowe – that wasn’t your imagination. If I’m clever I’ll figure out how to share an awesome version of that song.

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