To Ipad or not…

Having been without a computer all week I’m chomping on the bit to get it back. I don’t spend a lot of time on it during the day but I do like my morning ritual of checking emails, blogs etc etc and in the evenings just to go on & do whatever it is that takes my fancy on the day.

Thankfully, I have my Blackberry for emails, facebooj & if I need to look anything up etc but it’s just not the same. Now I know I’m being fussy & that this is clearly only a first world problem, my I miss my computer dammit! I almost walked into the shop yesterday & bought myself an Ipad! In fact, I did walk into the shop but hesitated with the whole “do we really need one when the money can be used to pay off the car” angel on my shoulder. The devil on the other shoulder was screaming yes, or was that the boys screaming from boredom?? I couldn’t tell but I ended up walking out to think it over some more.

I’m no good when it comes to buying technological things, I usually pick my dad’s, brother’s or brother-in-laws brains for the best options(also, I’m always after info that I don’t have to sort through myself to get to an answer if someone can just tell me! What’s the point??) I’m also quite out of touch with what all the specs actually mean; RAM, LBM, SMG, HOG ok ok I think I made most of those up but you catch my drift. So when it comes to comparing these things I’m pretty lost. Then take into account peoples preferences which differ considerably at times & I end up not buying anything! Or impulse buying, which NEVER ends well!

So back to my dilemma, Ipad2(which will probably be out of date soon anyways going by current trend, but is the most economical), Ipad 4(did I miss the 3?I didn’t see one in the shop) or the Ipad mini? Or maybe the Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Or even one of the other tablets out there? All I know is that I want it wireless & 3G(that’s right isn’t it, where I could use it on a mobile phone network if there is no wireless available somewhere??) I’m leaning towards Ipad because it seems to be what schools are heading towards & Master 3 will be starting school in 18months (eeek, how did THAT happen!!) Although anything I buy now will probably be inadequate by then anyway, it’s still something to consider.

Any suggestions are welcome…in fact I insist you leave a comment *smile*


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