Glorious carrots-vegan carrot bites

After reading this idea over at Arohanui Vegan Love I knew I had to try it. Now, I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I’m always up to trying new things. I love carrots, especially when combined with dessert, so this was a no-brainer.

I followed the link over to The Sweet Life & found the recipe to be very simple. A quick trip to the supermarket to replenish my stock of dates (the ones I had were pet rocks so I’m assuming they have been there awile!oops) and I got to work.

I must mention that I neglected to soak the cashews overnight as numpty here forgot, so I got them going first thing this morning. A quick look on google to check out the reason for soaking them (more nutritious & to soften) and to check what the recommended minimum time is. Apparently 7hrs should do it…turns out 6hrs works fine. Now if only I hadn’t over whizzed the mixture…a little too pureed!But still tastes like carrot cake, a really moist carrot cake that is. I was a bit sceptical about the cashew nut icing but oh my, it’s yummy! Granted, I was just a little impatient & didn’t wait the full 2hrs for it to freeze but who can wait that long?!

It needs to stay in the freezer or it goes squishy & I found that a pizza slicer thingy worked best to cut through the not yet frozen “cake”.




2 thoughts on “Glorious carrots-vegan carrot bites

  1. Yay, so glad you made them and liked them, too! It is awesome how you are always open to try new things. I couldn’t wait 2 hours either. There is a lot more yummy nut based desserts that you will have to try. I might have to take some of mine out of the freezer to eat tomorrow 😉

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