JPeg of The Week

I know I know, it’s been ages since my last post. What with the drama that was my computer, trying to catch up with computer type thingies when I eventually got a computer back, a week of Jury duty & 2 little boys who have suddenly gone from napping 2 hours every afternoon to not wanting/needing one has been chaos! I am currently speed typing, & by speed I mean actually using both hands, while the boys are having “quiet” time in their bedroom, & by “quiet” I mean only slightly less noisy than usual! I have a large coffee at the ready & my music going so I can block out the fact the boys aren’t sleeping. Something this control freak ultra organised mum has issues with. Ah well, at least they will be in bed early tonight, it’s just the thought of the emotionally iffy behaviour I have ahead of me this afternoon that’s not something I’m looking forward to….

But back to the photo of the week


Master 3 practicing his “big arms”…I’m using this photo as I am planning a post of infant swimming soon. What with that youtube video making the rounds on facebook & people claiming how amazing it is (maybe you’ve seen it, baby falls into pool & flips over onto it’s back) & my thoughts on how UN-amazing & even cruel the process of getting that baby to that point is. I know, you can’t wait for that one! 🙂


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