3 ingredient chocolate mouse

Now let me just say this first…don’t judge before you’ve actually tasted it. I say this because I, too, was skeptical initially. I’ve seen the recipe on pinterest but always forget to try it when we have avocados in the house. Mainly because avos don’t last long enough, hubby & I love them! Yes, you read that correctly…avocados.

But I came across it again yesterday here, & knew I was going to try it.

The recipe as it appears on her blog :

  • 1 avocado
  • 3 1/2 T of unsweetened cocoa
  • 3 1/2 T of honey

Combine avocado, cocoa, and honey (in that order – the honey will come right off the spoon if you use it to measure the cocoa first) and blend till smooth.  You can use either a food processor, a blender, or probably even an electric mixer.  I used our small hand blender and it did the trick, no problem.

I used only 1 tbls honey as I’m not a huge fan, tasted it & then added little bits of maple syrup until it reached an acceptable sweetness. Now this is definitely more for dark chocolate lovers, it is RICH & luxurious! I swear, it really is awesome. No hint on avo whatsoever. But do take note of the almost 600 calories for the whole thing(I got a full ramekin) Albeit slightly healthier than 600 calories of normal chocolate. Master 3 even had a taste, thinking it was icing for cupcakes & then packing a sad because I wouldn’t leave the ramekin & spoon in his lap! 




Please note the importance of mixing properly…as you can see I didn’t do a particularly thorough job there at the bottom (although still couldn’t taste any avo) After being in the fridge for a couple of hours it did stiffen up a little more so could definitely work on cupcakes & brownies!


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