One minute playdough…

Last week, this little gem appeared on my pinterest feed (is that what you’d call it?who knows!) One minute Playdough. For anyone who has made/makes their own, this surely has to be a winner. I hate making the damn stuff & I’ve never been too keen on the shop bought ones (only ‘coz I’m a cheap ass & hate paying for things I can make at home for a fraction of the price! And also ‘coz Master 2 likes to eat it…ALOT!!) But, despite Master 2’s fetish for eating it, I thought I’d give this a go. Surely even he wouldn’t think it tasted good with dishwashing soap??

The recipe calls for 1 cup of ORDINARY flour & a few squirts of dishwashing soap. This numpty has only just realised, after opening the page to link to it for this post, that I had to use ORDINARY flour. I used cornflour! How could I get THAT wrong I hear you ask as you roll your eyes so far back into your head they may never return! In my defense, I had been reading up on all the awesome kids doughs/slimes/gunk without writing the instructions down, so somehow 2 recipes combined in my head. I sound surprised that this could possibly happen, but I’m not. At least it wasn’t a food recipe I muddled up…

Anyhoo, the version I made actually turned out ok . Smooth, soft & oh so fragrant. Although not wonderfully doughy as playdough should be, it still gave the boys some fun inside. And did I mention your hands don’t feel all dry & yukky from the salt in normal dough?? Oh, and you don’t need any soap to wash it off your hands!


Master 3 making a bird’s nest with eggs


crumbly & messy, so much fun

I pulled it out again today & the boys added trains, which maximised the mess of course. But they were busy for almost half an hour WITHOUT an argument! Clean up time was without incident as they helped with the broom & catcher thingy (I still call it a brush & skoppie, but I’m pretty sure only ‘Japies’ will understand that one) The brush even came in handy for cleaning the trains as the “dough” just dusted off! Score!


messy fun

And Master 2 ‘helped’ with the hoovering earlier in the day too. Although not much carpet got done…


He thought he was hilarious


He even had his ear in there at one stage


your turn mum!


5 thoughts on “One minute playdough…

  1. Ooh looks good. I was traumatised the last time I let them play with playdough but that was the nasty bright stuff someone gave us. At least this won’t stain the carpet. And I have to use my flour for something… lol

  2. Hey what dishwashing liquid did you use? I used 2 cups flour and it took HEAPS of ecostore. Maybe I should be some crappy stuff for stuff like this lol. The boys are having heaps of fun with it!

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