Cakepop madness

I was tempted by the latest deal on one of those groupon type sites & ended up with this


You’re excited for me too, I can tell. I had great plans to put the boys down for their nap & then get stuck into this on my own. The boys, of course, had other plans! Master 2 is being particularly deviant at the moment, which is driving us bat-shit crazy, and naps are his favourite time to test me. We’re currently about 6-0 in his favour!

So guess who had 2 helpers making cake-pops???I didn’t take photos ‘coz it was impossible to keep Master 3’s fingers out of the batter, Master 2 from stabbing us with knives he kept finding up on the counter & focus the camera at the same time. Multi-tasking was not an option.

The first step was easy…make a cake batter. As I was planning on taking them to playgroup tomorrow & one of the kiddies is gluten free, I chose a simple gluten free recipe here. The only change I made was I used an actual egg instead of the substitute they used.


So far so good…

Note to self, use plain dairy chocolate, NOT fruit & nut!


…so pretty!

So I went with the trusty coconut oil, cocoa powder & honey…


slightly better

Master 2 was keen to help here


not quite set yet though


couldn’t get it in his mouth fast enough



Will definitely try again with ‘proper’ chocolate ‘coz these were yum


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