“School” holidays

My boys attend a Childcare Center 2 mornings a week, as well as our one morning at Playgroup, during the school term. Which means the only planned activity we have during the holidays is Master 3’s 20 min swimming class. Which, if I’m honest, usually gets forgotten as our normal routine is shaken up a little.

Which also means they have an abundant amount of unspent energy during the holidays. Every other parent on the planet can identify I’m sure. These holidays I was determined to enjoy the extra time with them instead of constantly playing the screeching banshee referee. I even have a whole pinterest board of ideas! I almost feel the need to add a “y’all” at the end of that statement…reading too many American blogs me thinks!

Anyhoo…this week hasn’t involved ANY of those ideas, surprise surprise. I had planned on the volcano experiment but ended up buying baking POWDER instead of SODA (insert facepalm here) and then Hubby threw the plastic bottles I had planned on using into the recycling bin before I realised. So I concluded the universe just didn’t want me to that particular pin this week.

We did, however, visit the zoo. Although I can’t say I’m a fan of zoos in general, the kids love to see the animals & learn a bit about them. They were on their best behaviour & didn’t even put up too much of a fuss when we had to leave. Could be the lollipop I promised them for their compliance, or not.


getting them to look at the camera proved impossible


alpaca’s mum!



The weather has been all that good either(except for the zoo day…it was beautiful) so I have had them “swimming: in the bath. I have to say lets go swimming in the bath because if I neglect to clarify the swimming part, all hell breaks lose as they think it’s bed time! Add shaving cream “painting” & it’s a fun filled hour or so. Oh, until your almost 4 year old relieves himself (and not of the weeing kind either!) quickly jumping out of the bath giggling & leaving his just-too-short-to-climb-out-himself brother to bath with said turd! Who then accidently picked it up before hurling it back into the water horrified! Master 3 was laughing his little heart out! What is it with boys & toilet humour??!! But some swift cleaning, fresh water & it was back to fun times.


naughtiness personified



Then today, they wanted to make cookies. Easy, but I didn’t want to end up with a whole load of cookies left over…’coz guess where they’d end up? Yup, my tummy. So I looked for a “cookie for one” recipe. Master 3 chose this one. Peanut butter is a food group in my house so these were perfect. As for it being for one, I’m guessing it means for one elephant or maybe a dinosaur!

I whipped up the dough, rolled out 4 decent sized cookies & we were set. I did leave out the chocolate chips & Reeses pieces as we had neither, but added sprinkles! Boy, were the kids excited when that went in.


ever so slightly browned past what would be ideal


This is only a quarter of the dough


thumbs up


he insisted on posing


didn’t quite understand the posing part

Overall a successful few days with lots of playing together & minimal shouting. And now I’m off for a girls dinner while Hubby gets bedtime duty…bliss!


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