Birthday Boy

Guess who’s 4 today?!


Brand new


6 months


1 year


15 months


2.5 years


3 years


3.5 years


Almost 4!


Today, 4 years old!

Hard to believe our not-so-little man is 4 years old already!Such a cliché I know, but time really does fly. 

His personality is developing more & more as the months fly by, and I sometimes have to take a step back & marvel at this “mini-me”. Because that is exactly what he is, a little boy version of me! Determined & stubborn, a force to be reckoned with at times too.

Each day is an adventure with this little fella (and his brother), some days are impossible and others a blur, but most are full of laughs & silliness. And we wouldn’t have him any other way!

Sat is his party, which is thoroughly looking forward to. Mostly for the cake!



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