Ahhh, boys

Just a few ways to recognise that there are boys in your house:

1. You own more ride on toys than there are kids in the country…and have the scars on the back of your ankles to prove it!

2. Worms and slugs are a right of passage…for you!

3. You find hand towels all over…containing said worms & slugs – everything needs it’s own bed, right?!

4. Dirt, dirt and more dirt



5. Life comes at you at 2 speeds – fast & hyper. Nothing in between. E.V.E.R

6. Pretend play involves a lot chasing. Alot! Oh, and being a dinosaur. No dainty tea parties to allow you to rest up either

7. Conversations with other mums usually revolve around whose kid recently avoided death by some or other means

8. Wrestling is just part of your day. As is shouting/crying (most probably yours!) as a result. It is instinctive I’m sure. They just know how/what to do. And this never seems to be something they grow out of. As a sister to 2 brothers, a wife to a man with 2 brothers, and a mum to 2 boys I consider myself somewhat of an expert

9. Farting and bums are considered hilarious EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

10. You hear “I hurt my balls” more often than you care to admit

11. Sloppy, wet smooches are the BEST part of you day



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